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Couple Relationship Counseling and Hypnosis Therapy

Do you know that your experiences and past events shape the way you relate to people around you? Whether it's couples relationship or with family and friends, the way you interact and relate to other people is determined by your past experiences. If those experiences and past events were negative, your current relationships with people could be tainted with anger, distrust and poor communication. This will lead you to alienate other people, result in constant fighting, bickering, distancing others and in extreme cases, could result in abuse.

Here's the difficult part: so much of this 'negative relationship behaviour' is subconscious! That is, you are acting out without consciously thinking about doing it.

Because it is subconscious, you have little hope of combating these issues by just rationally thinking about it. Your subconscious doesn't work that way. You have to use hypnosis therapy to get to the problems and learn a better way to conduct relationships. Let's take an example in a couples relationship situation. Let's say a person has had a bad experience whereby she opened her heart to someone only to have that trust abused by a cheating partner. Now forward to the next relationship. This person will come to a point where her new partner expects her to be open about her feelings. However, due to her past experience, she has subconsciously shut out her true emotions to others and now can not share them with her new partner. Without overcoming this road block, the new relationship will not be able to progress to a truly open and loving one. Not a pleasant couples relationship is it? Hypnosis therapy can help couples and individuals overcome similar barriers that are holding relationships back from truly blossoming. Relationship hypnosis conducted by an accredited and experienced relationship hypnotherapist is focus on the issue of communication. Removing subconscious barriers that have resulted from bad past experiences is the key to all healthy relationships.

The key to successfully hypnosis therapy and relationship hypnosis is YOU.

No one can be hypnotised without their own consent. You must consciously and subconsciously allow your mind to be placed in a hypnotic state. This is a state of consciousness where your subconscious mind can be assessed to find out your true state of mind on relationships. A trained relationship hypnotherapy will first use hypnosis therapy to find out WHY your subconscious mind is not allowing you to have healthy relationship. The subconscious mind works in mysterious ways but in essence it is working to protect you - protect you from further hurt and damage that were caused by past experiences. Relationship hypnosis will then train your subconscious mind to a better way of 'thinking' about relationship. By speaking with a relationship hypnotherapist, you will learn tools and skills to better communication and interaction with other people. As you use these tools and skills, you will then re-affirm the positive results to your subconscious, thereby imprinting a set of better and healthier behaviour patterns. Will it take some work? Of course, like any type of counseling, relationship hypnotherapy requires a few sessions of consultation with our experienced relationship hypnotherapist. As well, you will be expected to work on the skills you learn during hypnosis therapy in your own time so that you can master the skills. If you think this is all too hard... "Love requires courage, commitment and faith. But the requirements are small compared to its extraordinary rewards." - Anthony Robbins What are some of these extraordinary rewards? A loving and caring relationship with your partner leading to a more peaceful and loving home life Able to have a truly fun Christmas lunch with your family (whom you might not have spoken to in ages) Allow you to nurture your children in a better way by removing the need to set strict rules and curfews by simply breeding more trust and better communication Help you interact with your friends and work colleagues in a more joyous manner without conflict and distrust Get rid of the tension, migraines and physical pain that are caused by stressful relationships There are hundreds of other rewards waiting for you to claim...just think about how many relationships in your life that can be improved!

All this for a tiny investment of cost and time in hypnosis therapy!

Relationship hypnotherapy will influence ever part of your life - at home, at your work place and when you are out socialising. Learning skills to improve communication and remove barriers that are creating toxic behaviour will mean you able to enjoy lifelong, rewarding relationships with family, friends and colleagues alike. Your will feel calmer, more relaxed and truly live a richer life by sharing and caring about others. After all, what's life without others to live with, share and care with? What's life without another point of view, a different voice and another set of eyes to validate that beautiful sunset?



Hi Georgina, You sawing our marriage! It has been huge weight has been lifted from us. We can not thank you enough for not only your professional services but also your patience and kindness. Warm regards

William and Edna