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Who is Dr. Soul?

DR SOUL was founded by director and professional therapist Georgina Hoehmann. She is a highly qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist and counsellor with 30 years experience helping people with different areas of life.

Georgina is also director of Hoehmann Hypnosis working with people and resolving their personal issues from her own hypnotherapy center. She worked in Hospital and Age Care facilities and she registered working with children.


Certified Professional of Clinical Hypnotherapy
Master Coach of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
Master of NLP (trained under world renowned Ted James)
Master Time Line Therapist/ Professional Therapist
Master Hypnotist
Member of AMAHS
Certified Ego State Therapist
Graduate of the Australian Academy of Hypnotic Science

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Beyond possessing outstanding professional hypnosis therapy qualifications, Georgina is immensely proud of her hands-on practical achievements from her hypnotherapy center. Hypnotherapy in Australia has seen Georgina been able to successfully help thousands of people overcome personal issues, relationship obstacles, bad life experiences, phobias, addictions and provide them with tools to strive for their personal best.

These countless client success stories come out of Georgina's unique blend of skills which includes:
1. Combining effective hypnosis training and Hypnotherapy techniques with proven Success Coaching techniques based on Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). Yes - this is the NLP as endorsed and practiced by none other than the world's leading Success Coach Anthony Robbins.
2. Adding a counseling framework to hypnotherapy also allows Georgina follow through and achieve real results that comes from identifying and overcoming deep rooted 'subconscious' issues - not just addressing surface 'conscious' problems.
3. A compassionate yet outcome-oriented mentoring focusmeans Georgina is an intensely passionate hypnosis therapist, keen about helping people 'help themselves' - without judgment and prejudice. Georgina is an experienced hypnotherapist with extensive hypnosis training, respected life counselor, inspiring success coach and outcome focused mentor all rolled into one. She is at the forefront of Hypnotherapy, always on the look out for new methods, hypnotherapy in and skills to blend into her core hypnosis and counseling background. She regularly attends success seminars and learns from the best life coaches, and success mentors in the world.

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At DR SOUL , Georgina’s unique multi-disciplinary Hypnotherapy service means:

1. You will get more than just 'problem solving' from a hypnosis therapist. Hypnotherapy will help identify the deep subconscious obstacles that are holding you back. Clinical hypnotherapy and success coaching blended with positive hypnotic suggestion will mean that once the root problem is identified, you are immediately set on the path to overcome it and improve that aspect of your life exponentially.
2. The result of great hypnotherapy in your life is truly 'life changing' and 'life long'. The power of hypnotic suggestion via hypnosis therapy, added to inspiring success strategies means you get permanent, effective and outstanding life outcomes.
3. DR SOUL is a comprehensive service with only the very best professional therapist. Most life problems and personal issues are related so they need to be addressed with a 'totalitarian' view. For example a social phobia is often correlated to self esteem and confidence issues. Solving this phobia means more than overcoming the phobia itself but developing strategies to boost self esteem and confidence.
4. Hypnosis is still at the core. DR SOUL is ultimately based around the tried and tested science of hypnosis.
In the end, it is about helping you help yourself, because all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. By combining strategies and tools from success coaching industry and counseling frameworks to hypnotherapy, DR SOUL will help you achieve your goals and overcome life obstacles quickly, effectively and comprehensively with outstanding hypnosis therapy. So if you are looking for a professional hypnotherapist to help you overcome life issues and get you on the road to your personal best, there is no better choice than DR SOUL to help with all of your clinical hypnotherapy needs, so get into a hypnotherapy center today.

Hypnotherapy in Australia is just that little bit better because of DR SOUL It is the only complete package.

My Skills

  • Hypnotherapy
  • Counselling
  • Neurolinguistic Programming
  • Success Coaching techniques
  • Outcome Oriented

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